Public talks

  • Online Webinar “Reise zu den extremsten Beschleunigern des Universums” within the International Cosmic Day, November 4th, 2020 (in german)


In the making are

  • a multi-messenger microsite that will embed animations and explain multi-messenger physics
  • an interactive framework illustrating how particle showers develop in the atmosphere
  • an interface to display real raw H.E.S.S. shower images in quasi-real-time

The latest animation explores the particle acceleration and gamma-ray emission in a recurrent nova outburst

The two animations below also come with a conference proceeding, in which we describe how to Make cosmic particle accelerators visible and audible.

Popular science journal articles

Astroparticle blog

Sometimes, I write for the DESY Astroparticle blog

  • On the discovery of an astrophysical neutrino in coincidence with a gamma-ray flare from an active galaxy (in german).

Radio interviews

  • An interview about the Eta Carina animation and cooperation with Science Communication Lab and Alva Noto is in the making.

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